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How To Create Your Life Statement and Make a Vision Board
"Find you life Purpose, Find your Passion in Life"
Create your Life Statement

1. Make a clear story of your desired life with full details using all senses.
2. Read this statement out loud twice a day, once in the morning after you awake, and again at night before you go to sleep.
3. Visualize and see it with your own eyes.
4. You can also record this statement with your favorite music and listen to it twice a day.

Example of a life statement:

How to Create A Vision Board

A vision board is a tool used to help clarify, concentrate, and maintain focus on specific life goals. Literally, a vision board is any sort of board on which you display a collection of images that represent whatever you want to be, do, or have in your life. Choose only words and images that inspire you and make you feel good. Keep it neat, and be selective about what you place on your vision board as you want to watch it every day.

  • You can put images of both short term and long term goals.
  • Collect images according to your goals.
  • Make the images of the top 5 goals you selected bigger.
  • Have short term and long term goals on your vision board.
  • Make sure you are excited about the images you are looking at.
  • Add inspirational words on your vision board.
  • Have pictures of health goals/ relationships goals/ work & business goals/ fun &recreation goals/
  • money goals/ personal growth goals/ spiritual goals.
  • Before you visualize everyday always make sure your emotional vibration is within hope and bliss. If not take action to feel good first.
  • Look at your vision board everyday. It is best to do this first thing in the morning and at night before bedtime. Visualize everything on your board as a reality and be grateful for it. Make sure you have a positive feeling of gratitude when you visualize.
  • See everything happening from your own eyes and use all of your senses: Appeal to the sense of sight, the sense of touch, the sense of taste, the sense of hearing, the sense of smell, because the five senses all have their inner counterparts.

Example of a Vision Board:



  • We added a few new features to the Undated Deluxe Planner:
  • Fold-out vision board and goals, so you can stay focused on your year goals when you fill in your week plan (see picture below)
  • My Most Important Life Goal section - Helps you to create harmonic goals
  • Plan your journey - Helps you plan your success on all levels
  • How Will I Make It Happen section
  • Monthly reflection page
  • Monthly overview, goals and priorities
  • 45-dot gridded pages to get creative
  • Extra smooth high quality 100 gsm thick paper (About 245 pages)
  • Weekly planning overview (56 weeks, 112 pages)

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About the author Frederick Taloen

After years of going to self-help seminars, reading self-help books, and spending thousands of dollars, I noticed that we get very little results if we do not take action on what we learn. Most people are leaving seminars very excited, but often confused. Then after the first week, they are back into their old routine. Being a personal trainer and coach, I often help others to succeed and meet their goals. That is why I created this planner. I want to help you put these theories into practice. It’s an easy-to-use planner that includes action steps for you to take on a daily basis. 
These steps will truly help you create a life of joy, passion, love, success, and harmony. My mission is to help millions of people around the world increase their emotional vibration, that way you can feel good about yourself, follow your heart, and create true freedom in your life.
I see too many people struggling and giving up on health, love, family, joy, and peace of mind in the pursuit of their goals. I was one of them for many years. I do understand that we all want more freedom in our lives and we are fighting so hard to get it, that we lose our inner freedom and harmony along the way. I believe that we can achieve everything in life without too much strain, stress, or too many sacrifices.
If we observe nature, everything flows effortlessly - grass, trees, and flowers grow with the flow. We, as human beings, have the same power to do this. The biggest work we need to accomplish is getting back into harmony and getting back into the flow of nature. Getting in an emotional state of joy, bliss, love, and freedom will allow us to think more clearly. The better decisions we make, the more effective and productive our action will be.


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